Report fields loose characters

Hello, I have a weird problem. Say I have two lines on a salesorder and I want to make an invoice. The article text of the first item is very long. When I print the invoice, then some characters get lost on the second item. fi. text1 (article one) text2 (article two) prints into text1 (article one) te BUT if I underline the first text (text1) then there are no problems. If I have say 6 articles and the first one has a long text, then ! some ! characters dissapear on ALL the other texts? text1 te t t t t Does anyone know how to fix this? thx, Kathleen Alliët

Hello again, I found an extra clue, but still no solution … The characters dissapear if I force the orientation of my report to be Portrait (while in reality it would be a Landscape). But I really need the portrait orientation on my report. Any clues for a solution? thx, Kathleen

Hi, Kathleen, have you done any change to the SalesInvoice report? On a clean Axapta (at least on MY clean Axapta :)) )it seems to be working. These were my settings: print to screen, orientation portrait. Also, I have used item texts half page long. Regards, CD

Hi, apparently we have it on all reports with long texts … depending on the installed printers and the installed operating system. But there’s no logic to be found in the combination, we tried post scripted drivers instead of PCL drivers (luck for some pc’s, no luck for others) Only XP seems to give no problem, 98 sometimes and 2000 most of the time. CD, Does your pc has XP? thx, Kathleen

And yet another clue arised : if all my data fits on the page, (meaning no resizing has to be done), then the report doesn’t loose letters too. Urgently hoping for an answer due to users getting restless ! thx, Kathleen