Report extend report

Is there in any version of AX a way to extend a report from a already created report?

Something like this:

public class PurchPurchaseOrder2 extends PurchPurchaseOrder



I try with AX3 without success , but It might work in 2012

I just want to know if possible, thanks

A class can extend another class

What is your requirement?

Need the same report as the purchPurchaseOrder but with sligh modification in methods with a new report name.

Its in AX3

reports does not support inheritance.

you can do a duplicate of the same report or can have different design in the same report and you can call the required design in the code based on the required condition (may be you can do it in the init method of the report)

If all differences are in methods, extract them to a class and call the class from your report. You can use inheritance for the class (instead of the report).