Report Emailing using Outlook

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me. As a result of the Rich Text format issue with non-microsoft mail servers (ie. creating winmail.dat attachments). We have decided to use Outlook thru COM while emailing reports. The mail formats are all as we expect, however it is not handling the attachment correctly. First you get the message: This item contains attachments that are potentially unsafe. . . send anyway ? Click Yes. It creates the mail with the message - Outlook has blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments: AxaptaReport.TXT. Here is the code I have place in the Info Class: void reportSendMail(PrintJobSettings p1) { SysINetMail m = new SysINetMail(); // COM outlook; COM outlookMailItem; COM outlookAttachments; // // Syp Modifications - SP2 - BEGIN // Request Num: GB-453-937-TCC7 str fileName = “AxaptaReport”; ; if (p1.format() == PrintFormat::ASCII) //fileName = subStr(p1.fileName(),strLen(p1.fileName())-3,- 999)+‘TXT’; fileName = fileName + ‘.TXT’; else if (p1.format() == PrintFormat::RTF) //fileName = subStr(p1.fileName(),strLen(p1.fileName())-3,- 999)+‘RTF’; fileName = fileName + ‘.RTF’; else if (p1.format() == PrintFormat::HTML) //fileName = subStr(p1.fileName(),strLen(p1.fileName())-3,- 999)+‘HTM’; fileName = fileName + ‘.HTM’; else if (p1.format() == PrintFormat::PDF) //fileName = subStr(p1.fileName(),strLen(p1.fileName())-3,- 999)+‘PDF’; fileName = fileName + ‘.PDF’; // //m.sendMailAttach(p1.mailTo(),p1.mailCc(), p1.mailSubject (),‘Axapta report’, FALSE, p1.fileName(), fileName); // // m.sendMailAttach(’’,’’, ‘’,‘Axapta report’, TRUE, p1.fileName (), fileName); // Syp Modifications - SP2 - END // outlook = new COM(‘Outlook.Application’); if (outlook) { outlookMailItem = outlook.createItem(0); if (outlookMailItem) { outlookAttachments = outlookMailItem.Attachments(); if (outlookAttachments) {; outlookMailItem.subject(p1.mailSubject()); outlookMailItem.body(‘Axapta report’); outlookAttachments.Add(p1.fileName(), 1, 1, fileName); outlookMailItem.send(); } } } // } Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Claude

Renaming the .tmp file solved the issue.