Report Editing

I have 2 reports that need amending slightly. The first one is Order Confirmation, which we have text at the bottom of the form. I would like to edit this text, however when I look in the design of the form, the text, is =text00000 etc. how can i get to the actual text to edit it?

Q1: Look in C/AL Globals, Text Constants (Alt + V + B) Q2: Which report is this? - pls. elaborate

The ship to address is processed in a seperate code unit. You can set up for each country how the zip/post code will be printed.

Hi As David says the address print is handled via a code unit. However if a post code appears on any address within the print the code has not been modified to remove it. You would therefore need to check the post code is populated on the customer card, then as David says you need to check the formatting of the post code against every country, but each option contains the post code, so theoretically if one exists - it should appear [:D]

"Populated " means not blank, i.e. with a value entered. Is the field “Sell-to Post Code” popoulated? Again, which report are you referring to? I’ve never heard of a “Load Summary” report. Perhaps it has been designed, without both the use of the Format Address Codeunit and the “Sell-to Post Code” field.