report display method


i want to customize a standard report called custagingreport. I want to bring some fields from projtable to this report. i wrote a display method by taking custaccount as a common field in both the table. I wrote a select statement but this is not working. can anybody suggest me what should i do

It really matters where and what you have written…

select projTable
where projTable.CustAccount == custTable.AccountNum;
return projTable.projid;

i wrote this in custtable body of the custagingreport.

The body will get printed only when the details - is selected while opening the report.

***The customer may have more than one projects…

i am opening the report from menuitem. the customer has more than one project. In that case what is the solution?

What is your requirement - how you/customer wants the report to be displayed?

i want to display the projid field in the custagingreport, the actuall report shows the customer balance as on date, i want to display projid if supose any transactions related to projid means, It has to show projid value for those transactions.

Tell the requirement correctly

In custagingreport i want to display the projid field values. this is the requirement.