report designing

good morning one and all,

i am generating a report;

as shown below ,but this not my actual report;

i want to get in my body section bottom line ,i am using shapes ,but i am facing some problem ;

can any one suggest me please

what dataitems do you have in report?

integer,sales invoice header,sales invoice line

Did you try by adding Horizintal line in sales invoice line footer section?

as shown above screen shot,

in body section i want to get all the records from the tables;

i am getting the records;where my problem is that coming to designing part ;

i want to place bottom line after all records placed in the body section;


let us consider i am having 10 records in the table .i am getting these 10 records ;where i am placing the problem is that

as shown below

whare above shown output ,we are getting every record in one block,

where my requirement is that all the rcords under one block;

i kept shapes;

i have gone through their properties vertline,horzontalline…

is that from my first screen shot i am getting the second screen shot ,but where in the bottom line i am facing the problem

can you suggest me please

Where did you add the horizontal line?

in which section?

i have taken shape in sales in voice line footer section;

and i have given the properties as shown below7484.prop.PNG

after giving the properties i am getting the output as shown below

if you add shape in Footer section then it will print only after printing all lines od sales invoice line…

sir as shown above screen shot there was a gap between body and footer section we can not join those two ?

can you suggest me please

Dont leave any gap in body section ending…

sir i have a a small problem in body section ,i have taken shape ,i have set the property a vertical ;

i am sharing the screen shot;

but last column in the body section was not closing

Can I come to your place and add it?

sry sir

i am getting the problem there itself ,that is the reason i am asking you sir,

thanks for your valuble reply.

Did you get it now?