Report Designer

  1. How do you control tabs in the Request Form? I don’t want to display all the items in the Data Item card. How do i control those tabs? 2) When i am trying to customize existing report, i am facing a typical problem? When i try to add new dataitems and view the report, they are being displayed in the next page even though there is lot of space left over in the first page. How do i restrict the page break? Thanx & Regards, Vijay Kumar P.

Hi! I am able to answer your first question. If You don’t want to display a data item tab, then 1) set a key for the data item’s DataItemTableView property 2) Clear ReqFilterFields property for the data item. regards, Anu

Hi! For the second question, maybe you have the property NewPagePerGroup or NewPagePerRecord set to true in some of the dataitems. Regards.

The page break can also appear in code, look for CurrReport.NEWPAGE - don’t forget the section triggers [;)]

[:D] Regarding the second question: If you have done all that is suggested in earlier posts, and yet can’t resolve the issue, check if the sections which you are printing on the second data item have keep With Next set to true, which is the default. You set this property of the section to true if you want all the sections of the same type to be printed together. It makes Navsion run time engine calculate the space required for all the sections which are to be printed together, before printing any of these sections. As such even though you may think there is enough space, but run time engine thinks otherwise. Regards Shekhar Try