Report Design does not remain same

hey all,

i am currently using ax 2009 RU8. When i open the morph x reports from the server using administrative user. i get the report perfectly with all text boxes and lines without intersecting.

But when i open the report from any other system or with any other user. The lines are intersecting and the text is placed away from the boxes and the design of the report is scrambled.

I am using the same screen resolution in all the cases.

There must be some difference, but the report should be able to survive it if it was developed reasonably. For example, you might have a different printed drivers, font size in Windows, a form control getting hidden by some reason etc. That’s nothing we could analyze, because we don’t have the reports, so it’s up to you.

Or you might stop bothering about the exact reason and change the design to something more reliable right away. For example, if you used borders around fields instead of shapes (I guess that’s what you mean by lines), they would never get misplaced.