Report Delivery Note

Hi community,

can you help me finding the report “Delivery Note” in the AOT? Delivery Note is created on a Sales Order Details → Pro Forma → Delivery Note. Should be actually standard and ease, but I dont get it.

I tried 1) to look into setup of the Button Group where Button Delivery Note is situated.

  1. Setup of the form, after the button Delivery Note is pushed

Any help is appreciated!

It’s just a different name for Packing slip report, isn’t it?

Hi Martin,

I am not sure if Packing Slip and Delivery Note are the same reports, see e.g. "There is a bug in “Print Deliveries” report. On both Sales Delivery Note & Packing Slip the delivery No … "

The button on Pick and pack tab is called Pro forma delivery note in British English and Pro forma packing slip in US English. The link isn’t about Dynamics AX at all.


Isn’t that SalesPackingSlip?

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Thank you for explaining about british and american namings, that was helpful.