Report Customizer tool for MS Dynamics Navision 5.o

Hello everyone I just want to know is there any report customizer tool that I can download to use to customize reports for the Navision system?


You can customize the reports from within navision and there is no need of external tool.

Go to Tools>> Object Designer >> Report>> Design


Yes Dhan the Go to Tools>> Object Designer >> Report>> Design is the way to edit a form or report here in Navision but my concern is im going to edit all the standard Navision report consist of 60 major reports. maybe a external tool can help on this.

One more thing is there any manual upon editing or customizing reports? Cause I need to give it to my college so he has a reference on doing the customizations

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No, Navision native reports can be edited only in Report Designer.

Chapter 12 - 14 of w1w1adg.pdf (in Docs directory of inst disk)
Chapter 19 of DEV-I course (8874A_NA50_ENUS_DEVI.pdf) in CustomerSource

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