report creation based on financial dimension


i want to know how to get financial dimension value thrugh code

let suppose in general ledge module

journal–>general journal–> click on any journal num–>in line level–> account and offset account of two ledger dimension values are there and i need those 2 value through code

can any one help me how can i do that?



Assuming you are referring to Ax2012.

Please refer to the links: , and white paper Implementing_the_Account_and_Financial_Dimensions_Framework_AX2012 at the link

If you are populating dimensions from vendor then you can use the field VendTable.DefaultDimension, this is recID of DimensionAttributeValueSetItem. You will need to find the joins and get the dimension values from few tables such as dimensionAttributeValueCombination ,DimensionAttributeValueSetItem ,DimensionAttributeValue, DimensionAttribute .


I am assuming you are referring to Ax2012. Please refer to the links to get insight on how to fill in dimensions and create a General Journal in Ax2012 .

The value stored in LedgerJournalTrans.LedgerDimension is the recID of dimensionAttributeValueCombination

If you are populating the dimensions from vendor then you may use VendTable.DefaultDimension field. This is a recID of DimensionAttributeValueSet. This is same with CustTable.DefaultDimension. Look at the joins between the tables : ledgerJournalTrans, dimensionAttributeValueCombination,DimensionAtributeValueSetItem,DimensionAttributeValue,DimensionAttribute to get the display value used in the dimenisions.