Report -- chosen printer

Hi All, i want to call 4 reports directly after each other, but only one requestform should be used. So my Problem is how to tell the other reports, what printer on the requestform is used. Is there any way? Or is there a better way to sovle my problem? The reports are nearly the same. I’ve tried it with one report and a new DataItem with table Number and a setrange from 0 to 3. In case of the number i show the different sections. With three reports everything works fine, but with the fourth a problem occurs. There is empty space printed for the non-printing sections on the first page. So a pagebreak occurs althoug all printed data could be shown on the first page. Is there a property or somthing else, which i forget to set correctly? Thanks in advance. Greetings, Frank

Frank, the problem is that Navision reserves the space for the sections that you do not print. Use different DataItems for each section, instead of 4 sections in one DataItem, and put the following code in the OnAfterGetRecord trigger:

IF Integer.Number <> 0 THEN

Regards, Reijer

Otherwise you can instal LaserNet. It can easy solve your problems… Further information :

Thanks for your answers. I solved it in another way. Because of the sections are nearly the same i put one new DataItem of table Number around the whole report and create only one section. In case of the number i fill text-Varaibles. At last i print the textvariables in the section. So no emtpy space is reserved for non-printed sections. Greetinngs, Frank