Report Calc. and Post VAT Settlement

Either with Atain 3.01A or 3.60, whenever I try to run this form over the standard demo database, it always ends up in a loop (dates between 01.jan.2001 - 31.jan.2001) However between 01.jan.2001 - 13.jan.2001 it works just fine… But seems to me a ‘tad bit odd’ that i am calculating vat for a 13 day period…or maybe is it just me??? Any thoughts on this one? Thanks. Cheers.

Hi, I just had training on 3.10. The posting periods allowed here ini India are 3 months in the demo dbase. Aren’t they sufficient?

You missed the point…I am only trying to calculate VAT for January 2001…no more, no less…

Hi Using my version of Cronus I have no issues in running the activity for January 2001 (Version 3.6). Do you get any difference if you do not tick the post option? Are all of your VAT posting groups set-up as they were originally? Is there a localisation issue here or are you using W1 (I am using the GB version)?

Wrong FORUM!!! Topic should be be placed in “Attain End User Questions”

To: Erik P. Ernst Excuse me…why is this the wrong forum? This isue doesn’t concern any particular end-user. Instead I, as a NSC employie, am trying to understand why this is happening…Navision Portugal as also been informed about this issue… Personally I have no problems as to the forum where to post this issue…as long as I manage to figure it out… So thank you Erik for your input, but please take two aspirins and calm yourself down…relax man…life is too short… Now, on a more positive note

My idea about this is that the so called ‘infinite’ dimensions might be the reason for this odd behaveor. Since there is a similar report that works just fine under version 2.60F (both PT and W1) i exported the fob, and import it into PT3.01A and PT3.60…and I got the same odd result. So, the report might be ok, data might be ok, however multiple dimensions might cause this miss behave.

Just a quick note to whom ever might be interested…the problem with this report is not the report itself but the demo data… thanks everyone for your help.