Report buttons

I have a problem… where do i have the chance to add buttons on the reports where the print, preview, cancel buttons are… i should have a new button there but can’t find where to put it… could anyone help me with this???

You cannot add buttons at the same level as the Print, Preview and Cancel buttons. Any buttons added to the request form will show up on the Options tab. Sorry… There’s always the possibility of creating a form that mimics the behaviour of a standard request form, which in turn calls the report, without displaying the standard request form. You’ll find that not all of the functionality (e.g. Preview) of a standard request form can be built into your own form, though. :frowning: Kind regards, Jan Hoek Weha Automatisering BV Woerden - The Netherlands

Command buttons are allowed on the request (options) form. A little training of the end user to look there and perhaps this would work for you. Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117

Trond, You can use one trick to extend standard report buttons functionality. For instance, when you push “Preview” button you can suggest some additional choices to users. Look at the example below:

. . .
  IF STRMENU('Preview, E-mail, Fax, Acrobat PDF', 1) <> 1 THEN
    . . .

Regards, Yuri Pokusaev IBS, Senior Consultant NCPS, NCSD +7(095)967-8080