Report - Blank page

I’ve made an addition (extra footer) to a printed report which is sent to customers: if a boolean is true, an extra text is printed on a second page (i’ve used code on the pre-section). How can I exclude that a blank page is printed when the boolean is not true? How can I exclude that the 2’end page is printed when I ask an original and copy of the report? I’m using NF 2.01.

Onhly short in structure : DON’T use an extra footer ! Insert a new dataitem of table number, tableview(number=1) check your boolean in the OnPreDataItemtrigger If boolean = False then currreport.break put your extra text in the body of the new dataitem

I can’t put a the same table a second time as DataItem table?

please tell me the number of report we are talkin about

you can use a table as often as you want as dataitem, but you have to rename the name in the <…> to a name you want without ‘<’ and ‘>’

Ok, it works! Thanks!