Report Batch Printing error

A problem has been identified with a clients Customer Statements and Invoices.

Most of the reports are 1-2 pages but occasionally there are 3 or more page invoices and statements.

Three page statements are pulling header info for the next sequential customer in the batch while displaying the report content of the third page.

This shifts the whole thing off and the rest of the reports are wrong.

We can reproduce it every time an invoice or statement in a batch is 3 or more pages.

Any insight on how to troubleshoot or where to look next would be much appreciated.

I think the data being pulled incorrectly (the header and totals on the bottom) is using the Get\Set logic in visual studio where as the data that works (body of the report) uses the default style ‘=First(Fields!VAR_Message.Value, “DataSet_Result”)’

Have you experienced this with a report before?

Do reports need to use one or the other method to stay consistent?

Hi Rob,
I don’t think there is a issue with Get\Set logic.

Check the report layout. check the page size & margins give are correct.
If you given page width as 8 inch & left/right margins as 0.5 inch, then your layout design should limit to 7 inch.

And also check the printer setup. there may have some page setup does not match with the report layout.

RDLC document reports with multiple pages have always been a pain. I have seen so many issues with new pages, missing headers etc. Took me a lot of reports before I got the grip of it. And still now such an issue is mostly just trying one thing after another.

As Sriyantha suggests, then this could be related to the report sizes/margin. And make sure that the reports page settings matches the printer/paper. Also make sure you don’t have any “unfiltered” tables in your report.

The first step to debugging any report, is to start by double checking the actual dataset. Preview the report and go to the “About this report” page. That shows you the data used by the report.