Report AS Finished Double Released Qty

I’m testing the Report as Finished function from the Works Order Details Form (AX2009). The works order has 2 Boms which get consumed at different operations on the Route. The Parameter settings I have are: Auto Route Consumption - Always, End Mark Route - Yes, Auto BOM consumption - Always, End Mark Picking List - Yes.

I run Report as Finished for each Operation separately and a Picking List is generated for the BOM Lines. When it comes to the Last Operation, I leave the From and To Oper No blank. This has the effect of clearing up any previously unfinished operations which is what the user wants BUT the Picking List is raised again for the same items previously picked, thus doubling the Released Qty on ProdBOM.RemainBOMFinancial. I have tried changing the parameters but it’s always the same, unless I do all the Picking at the end, but this is not what the user wants.

It appears to be a bug in the system unless I’m missing a parameter somewhere. The same happens in AX2012 too.

Can anyone shed any light?


If you run the operations separately then why do you need a clean up? The “clean up” is your issue because you are telling the system to ALWAYS create the BOM, so it is only doing what you are telling it to do, which is to create the pick list again for all operations you have already created pick lists for. Basically you cannot do the clean up like you are - they would need to review and check, not process an all and always kind of operation, otherwise dont report by operation, just do it all at the end.

Thanks for your reply Adam. I understand what you’re saying, so we’ll try and persuade the user to change the way they work rather than trying to amend AX code. The clean-up is really to avoid discrepancies with Bom data, and the fact that the user doesn’t always book all the operations as there could be several for one production order.

As a procedure dont auto-end production, manually do this and run a report like the analysis cost estimates report first. In this manner they check that everything has been posted and actually question it. Of course if there are 100’s of works orders a day this is not feasible.

Similar question: Is it possible to block double RAFs?

If the order states 100 pieces, and the users are reporting 100 as finished, but there is one user who accidentally reports other operation again as finished, we have 200 RAF, but the order is only for 100.

Maybe an error when you try to RAF again? Or is the above answer the solution, change the user instead of AX (even though the last one is sometimes easier, haha)