Report as E-mail Body


Is this possible in Nav 2016 to send any Nav Report as E-mail body (HTML) (Not as attachment) on e-mail.

Thanks in advance.


And any specific reason for this?

Yes, We have some approval process running ,

There are many check on sales approvals and on the same we have a report for management to approve the same,

Currently we are sending the same as pdf attachment but they are not comfortable to open the attachment and check and then approval revert,

as they are giving approval only on e-mail there is different person who is approving these orders in ERP. So they want all details as e-mail body not as attachment.

So instead of making entire Report in Email Body you can just go ahead with mandatory columns needed which Approver needs with attachment if he need to dig in details. It will make your work easy.

Yes, that i am doing currently, but i want to know if it is possible to get a report directly as e-mail body, without working separate to create each fielf for e-mail body.

Nopes there’s no way!!

The ability to use a report as an e-mail body was introduced in Dynamics NAV 2017. So may I suggest that you upgrade?