Report Adjust Cost - Item Entries deadlock issue..

When cost price adjustments are posted via report 795 and the process is interrupted (by a lock or fault) at a specific moment the adjustments aren’t posted.

Next to this problem the incoming item ledger entry was given the check “applied entry to adjust” = false so in the next run the adjustment aren’t created any more.

By manually changing this incoming record back to -true- the adjustment are correctly posted in the next run.

I would like to see if this problem is fixable or that the incoming post could be marked at the end of adjustment

Looks like you have 2 problems to solve. The first is why is the change to the “applied entries to adjust” field does not get rollback when the rest of the changes do. This rollback is normal behavior when there’s an error.

The second problem is resolving the issues that are causign the process to fail.

You should not need to be manually changing that flag. Has the process been modified?

Yes the process has been modified… but i am not sure which area is causing this issue…

please let me know which part of the code needs to be looked in under code unit 5895

Without knowing anything about the modifications, it’s impossible for me to respond. I’d start by looking for COMMIT statements. That is likely the problem.