Report 5911 - Service Invoice not filling in whole page.

This is for the Nav report 5911 Service Invoice but it could really be just about any of the standard Invoice, Order, Credit Memo reports where they leave a lot of space on the bottom margin before going to the next page. Is there any way to force them to fill the whole page before automatically going to the second page? It starts listing all the line items for the Order and goes to the next page with about 2 inches of the bottom empty. Is it because of all the report footers needing extra space and it can’t fit them in without going to the next page?

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You can play around with the “KeepWithNext” option for identical sections (multiple body sections of the same dataitem)

I would also suggest to keep your sections as small as possible (height). Consider to split larger sections into smaller pieces.

For the Ship-To Address at the bottom you could use a dataitem of the type integer with a filter 1…8 instead of having one big block and print ShipToAddress[Number] instead of [1][2][3]… in one block.

On the other hand this is a very common problem for ages already.

Basically yes is my understanding, the footer contains lots of information that may or may not be printed depending upon the setup. If you look at the form you can decide what to remove and create more space.

Thanks for the replies. I will play with getting rid of some not needed footer information.