Report 299


I think the report ‘Delete Invoiced Sales Orders’ does not delete any invoiced SO. I think because of the lines

IF ((SalesOrderLine.“Qty. Assigned” = SalesOrderLine.“Quantity Invoiced”) OR
(SalesOrderLine.Type <> SalesOrderLine.Type::“Zu-/Abschlag (Artikel)”)) AND
(SalesOrderLine.“Qty. Assigned” <> 0)

I have delivered and then invoiced an order, but cannot delete it. The last condition combined with AND and the brackets seems to be wrong.

I have the conditions after posting in the order:

(Qty. Assigned (0) = Quantity Invoiced (2) or true) AND Qty. Assigned(0).

Has anyone made the same experience?


Which version of Navision do you use?
And what is the versionlist of the report?

I checked in 4.00SP2 and my report has versionlist=NAVW14.00.
In this I find:

IF (SalesOrderLine."Qty. Assigned" = SalesOrderLine."Quantity Invoiced") OR (SalesOrderLine.Type <> SalesOrderLine.Type::"Charge (Item)")

FYI: R299 was changed in Nav 4.0 SP3
Maybe they fixed something there?

I made an error-report to Microsoft; it was accepted as an error; will be corrected in a later version.

BAH. Problem is still there in NAV 5.0 Just REM the last clause, and you’re set.

Poor testing by the NAV team, though.