Report 2013

Hi All

I would ask question about RDLC. I have custom made report that prints correct when I choose one specific Nr. But If I choose filter for Nr like (A001…A007) this is happening:

  • Header: if I use Fields! in header,for all records header of report is from first Nr(A001).( I used Fields!.. in header because in 2013 that should to work properly). -I solve this with using GET and SET functions and now it is ok, I am geting the right header for every Nr, but the problem is footer.

  • Footer:In the report footer I have some sum which are calculated in the code. But if their is no data(that is use for calculating of sums) which is printed in the body for specific record ,than prints the sum from the previous record (not 0 or nothing what is correct). (This problem occurs only if use filter with more than one Nr, If I choose only ONE it works ok, prints nothing).

Is this occurs because of VS,RDLC?? Is there a way how can be solved?Because the same report in 2009 print ok for every case.

Thanks vwery much in advance

Are you showing grand total in footer of body data.

Did you tried =last(field!).

No, in the footer of report. But it prints correct if I set to print only one record, problem is when is set to prints more than one records in the filter. Then for the sum which are 0, prints the sum from previous rec.

Did you cleared the variable to zero of the values you are summing up for every new record.