Report 116 Statement - for customers

Hi, is there a way to add a filter to the request page that let only display open transactions?

Many thanks


But it is already there - Include Customers with Balance…

Hi, thanks for your answer but it a bit deeper than that, as an example:

invoice 1 - value 400, remaining amount 400

invoice 2 - value 200, remaining amount 0

invoice 3 - value 300, remaining amount 234

what we would like to be able to do is only the lines for invoices 1 & 3.

Fully paid Invoices can be “hidden” but this requires redesign of the report - contact your Partner with this change request, if as Enduser you do not have a license allowing to modify reports and/or in-house skills to do the job.

we have the developer licence, so I can make the changes my self, our parent is quite slow in responding at the moment, also I’m trying to improve my development skills, (all changes are tested in our test company firs before going live)


You posted a similar question about report editing in another thread (, where you finally write Partner had done the modifications.

You may examine how they implemented it for learning purposes - it’s difficult to give instructions here in forum post, but looking at similar code may help you understand the methods and principles.