Report 106 customer Detailed Aging-Funny??


im having sql server 2005 running windows 2003 server,

all clients are connected via xp Navision sp3.

when i run a report 106 for a one company on xp machines (Navision sp3 client), it will show one page only!

But when i log to windows 2003 server(i have a client inside (Navision sp3 client), the server also)

this machine will show me 3 pages and total is different? and we never change any code, this is a default report.

how could be it possible???

Any reason behind it.

share me your experiences.


with the same user/roles?

yes same user and same role, no change…

Besides zup file having a predefined set of filters I don’t see any reason for that behavior.

how to know about any predefined filters ??

when you run the report you can have filers applied from previous runs.