Reply-to SMTP Mail NAV 2016

Hi, I need to set a different Reply-to on SMTP Email.
How can I do this on NAV 2016?

I’m using CU 400 to build my e-mail, this e-mail have an PDF attachment.
I will appreciate any help.


Iã Mendes

Well you can set your own senderadresse if you use createMessage

Then you can use:
SMTPMail.AddAttachment(‘You own text or HTML’);

Thanks, that is what i´m doing.
But I need to define always the same senderAdress to avoid bloqued e-mails.
It was a client demand we can’t chage it.

To clarify you want a mail to be sent from ex., but when they hit reply on the email it needs to send it to

Yes that is the objective!

Well if you a set on using codeunit 400, I think that will be a problem, codeunit 400 is using the .NET assembly called Microsoft.dynamics.Nav.SMTP which you not support what you need.


You could add the .NET assembly “System.Net.Mail.MailMessage” there you can set “ReplyTo”

OK thank you I will try to find out another way