If i have server in showroom , server in warehouse and main sever for navision

i need to now if it possible make replication form warehouse to showroom and from showroom to server navision online or not

and the capacity bandwidth

if i can what the steps should i taken


I think if you are looking for real on line data sharing, you have to think about mirroring, but it is expensive (HW & license).

otherwise,the replication is off line and there are three type of it.

Microsoft SQL Server provides the following types of replication for use in distributed applications:

may be the transactional is the most one fit your needs.

any how I have little experince and I’m talking from theoritcal point of view.

good luck any how.

Replication also requires the purchase of additional hardware and software, so I don’t see Mirroring as being much more expensive. Yes there is the monitor server but that can run on SQL Express. On the other hand, the mirroring database is off-line and not accessible to users. There is the option of creating a snapshot from the mirror but for read access only. Mirroring is intended as a fault-tolerant solution and not as an option to replication.

Can i make this replication from navision wiht out useing SQL

As I said theoretical,

and when I said “on-line” it has nothing to do with user acceptability,

it is not like the status of a stand alone DB. so in SQL you can turn the DB on and off.

"on-line"between two DBs it means how synchronize are they,

if “on-line” it means they are real time syncronisation, otherwise they are not real time.

It would seem that we are using the terms “on-line” and “off-line” to refer to different things. If I am understanding you correctly, you are using the terms to refer to the status and latency of the replication process. “On-line” would refer to two databases where replication was in real-time. This would likely be using transactional replication. “Off-line” is referring to a situation where there may be a delay in the replication. Typical in snapshot and merge replication.

I was using the terms “on-line” and “off-line” to refer to whether users could access the database. The second database (mirror) in a mirroring setup is “off-line” and not accessible to users. Therefore it would not work as a replication scenario since the intent is to have the database available to users.

you could probably use a tool such as Data Director from LS Retail for replication…I’ve never tried it though…