Replication of database

Hi Experts,

We have one headoffice + 42 stores…

Each of the site have its own server and database to replicate the POS transactions to the server.

and we want to centralize all the 42 databases to replicate back to the HQ Production server.

We have setup the scheduler job for each of the site and to run the replication to HQ Production server, unfortunately the replication is not complete. Not the transactions are being replicated. If the replication counter is reset to 0 every time, then it will be ok.

I would like to find out what could be the possible settings that I could set to ensure that the daily scheduler job able to complete the replication for each of the site.

I am also attaching the setting that we have done at the Subjob level for your input

FYI, we are having VPN to each of the site for this replication.