Replication and Web services in NAV 2018


Please, can anyone tell me how Replication and Web services are working in NAV 2018? Or somewhere where I can read about this?

Thank you in advance…

Hi MariNav,

Again the answer is the same as in your other post. The is no such thing as an out-the-box database replication for NAV 2018.

Sure you can use web services for replication (available since NAV 2009).

Or from NAV 2018 you also have the common data services. Not especially for replication, but for integrating.

From 2018 (not really released yet) there is something new, which in reality is replication. But it’s build only with the purpose of replicating your on-premise Dynamics NAV with the SaaS Dynamics 365 Business Central. It’s being released with the fall 2018 release next month.