Replicating from Navision Native Database to SQL Server in LS Retail

Dear all,

Actually our company is working on a retail project

i have done the replication from Nav Native Database to Native Database

I want to know how to cofigure Distribution Location card for SQL Server and how to replicate from native database to sql server

if any body knows about this please send elobarted doucment to the following mail




Hi Sudhakar,

Replication from Native DB to SQL DB should be done pretty much in the same way. Except that you need tp specify the SQL connection strings, and u need to specify the type of db as sql. If you use Replication from LSRetail, it should be easier to setup.

If Replication fails, when you test connection you should see some errors. I do not see you mentioning any error messages. Some things to take into careful consideration when configuring replication… make sure that both database is on the same version with the same cfront version. Replication for LSRetail is very sensitive in this area.