Replenish ment method

Hi, Can I know y particularly Microsoft is suggesting this ?What is Replenish method generally companies use for the raw materials which are using to produce Finished product ?Please throw u r valuable answer what u got from your implementation experience.Thanks and regards

There is no general use really. Whatever the business and individual item characterisitcs require is used.

Personnally I like Fixed Reorder, but that is because it is easy to conceptualise by the end user and is the least buggy method of historical versions of the software.

However I have used Lot-for-Lot, Maximum and Order where the business and particular item is best suited for that polilcy.

You are actually going about this backwards. Understand what all the policies do, then talk to the customer about each, you will find a number of them may cover the different items, then allow them to choose the policy-item relationships. No point in forcing them down a “general” route that only works for them 60% of the time.