Replay recorded process in Task Recorder

Hi all.

AX 2012 has task recorder that can record the process that a user is doing. I want to create a tool that would replay a recorded process so AX would do the recorded process again by itself with dummy data. I want to use this for automation testing. I am new to AX. Thank you in advance

Task Recorder can’t do that, unless Microsoft’s added such a feature since I switched to the newer version.

Consider another approach. You can use Microsoft Test Runner to record actions, which can be replayed later. You can also generate a coded UI test from the recording and modify the code. This is what you’d need to fill in your test data and to implement some AX-specific logic, because some things (such as lookups) aren’t handled well by the default logic.

But it’s questionable whether you should invest your time to learning these things and building a UI test automation for an old version of AX. Maybe you should upgrade to the new version and get what you want out of the box.

I understand your point in the upgrading to newer version since some functionalities might be deprecated as time passes but Is there a possibility that the said process could be done by modifying the task recorder in ax 2012? As I can see, you’re suggesting to use a 3rd party software instead? I apologize if I had you confused. I am new in AX

No, Microsoft Test Runner is from the same company as Dynamics AX, so it’s not a third party.

Is there a possibility that the said process could be done by modifying the task recorder in ax 2012?

Well, everything is possible with enough effort. But building it from scratch makes no sense to me if there is something that can do most of the work for you. Do you have somebody who would pay for weeks or months of such redundant work?

Also, I don’t see any advantage of using Task Recorded for it. Task Recorder can’t do it, so what’s the point?

Now I’m really getting your point. We were tasked to create a tool that would be useful for ax 2012 so that was the idea. I wasnt aware of the feature with the newer version since I’ve only handled ax 2012 so far. Thank you so much Sir Martin. I was really hoping that you personally would reply to my question.