Replan Functionality

Hi All,

I want to know that in NAV 5, is the following scenario be mapped ?

Suppose the shipping date of a Sales Order is 20-12-2009 for shipment of a final product. Now the final product requires a raw-material (containing 6w in Lead Time calculation field) which can be purchased from a vendor. Now after preparing a Production order, the user views the Components (in production order-- Line → Components) and also checks the Item availability by location functionality to see the inventory of that raw material. He finds that there is insufficient qty. of raw materials in inventory. So he has to issue purchase order for the same.
As a consequence the shipment could not happen on 20-12-2009 because of shortage of the raw materials.

Now if he runs the Replan Functionality from the production order , will NAV suggests the Shipment Date for a Sales Order based on the above scenario?

Well you have set it up I presume - so what does it do? Not sure why you have written this when all you need to do is select the replan functionality to answer your own question, unless that of course is not your question.