Replacing BizTalk with NAV web services - thoughts?

Client uses BizTalk to process incoming orders on NAV 2013 R2.

The last few months orders have picked up and things are lagging sometimes blocking.

The decision was made to replace BizTalk completely using XMLPorts, Web services and the job queue.

I’m not certain about the network and the hardware as far as the SQL server and things go. I’m digging for more details now. Wanted to get this out to see if anyone else has gone through phasing out BizTalk for Web Services, how’d it go? Thoughts?

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Hi Rob,
Phase out BizTalk is the right decision. It had it’s time.
The question is with what? XMLPorts, Web Services and the Job Queue?

I love web services. When used correctly then they are great. And correctly in my mind depends on what you want to transmit. Data lookup, simple entry pages etc. As to large data volumens, then I would be in doubt.

If you are replacing BizTalk, which is known to be a system capable of handling large number of transactions, because of “performance issues”, as I can read it, then I doubt that BizTalk’s performance was the real issue. If setup and configured correctly, then it runs great. But it does take a lot of maintenance is my experience.
Or did. I didn’t work with BizTalk for over 10 years now.
The real issue may instead have been the NAV to BizTalk part, and how this integration was done. If that was designed to handle a few orders daily and suddenly a lot, then the NAV installation may be the problem.

In that case going to Web Services will not solve much, NAV will do the same blockings (unless of course the idea is only to run it nightly).

The question is also who sends the orders to you? The customers would need to change their system to be able to send orders using a web service. If just a few customers, then maybe not a huge issue. But that was exactly what BizTalk was good at. “Document Exchange” receiving one format to turn it into a different standardized format, which could then be imported/exported from NAV.
All this “infrastructure” work that BizTalk used to handle, would need to be handled inside NAV if you use web services in NAV. Doing this from a clean start will not become a small project.

Or is the solution you consider that you, from NAV, would use web services to import orders from your customers?

Did you consider checking out the market for ISV products which could do this for you?