Replace Navigation Pane v.4 by v.3.70

Hi! Would it be possible to “replace” the Navigation Menu from v.4 by the one from v.3.70 ? What I mean, keeping v.4 functionalities but changing menu layout to (previous) v.3.70 - how “easily” could this be done? Thanks, Zin

Yes, this would be possible. You just need to reintroduce the Function ID 1 in the CU1 and behave exactly as in the 3.70. You also might want to keep the “Main Menu ID” field in the user setup table, all the menu forms and the tables and forms regarding the report selection. If you then create a new 4.0 database and import all 4.0 objects except the MenuSuite objects you should be fine (more or less).

Hi Thomas, appreciate the tip. I’ll try it. Thanks, Zin

I think I’ve recently seen - somewhere on the Internet - an MBS-Partner selling an Add-On for Navision 4.0. The Add-On? 3.70’s Menus! [:D]