repeating a report

I am using NAV 2013 and am trying to create a report based on sales that give me specific information about the report but only one set of information per page so if we had multiple items on an order i want it to display each item a new page something along those lines. What do I need to do to get that setup?


Another simple thing removed after Nav 2009!! (NewPagePerRecord or NewPagePerGroup).

Anyway try this link:


Thank you Microsoft for making things harder. That worked but I am trying to get it to do a list of BOM\Routing but it only puts out one option not all. So there should be 1 header then 2 lists per page and it does that except where there should be 6 or so items on each list there is only 1. Thoughts?

Hi Kyle,

I hardly bother with reports anymore. One of the reasons that it’s so complicated nowadays.

The other reason is that after i finished a very nice report with all kinds of headers and subtotals, the users ask me :“Can I get this in Excel?”

So for new reports, I always start with this question, and use an Excel template to populate data from NAV.