Repair Management in AX 2012

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Can you share setup for Repair management such as Conditions, Symptom Areas, Diagnosis Areas, Resolution and Repair Stages, At least 5-10 lines so that i have an idea on how will i setup the repair


You mean like the information on technet?…/aa572667.aspx

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I already read that thread.

but what i want is a sample/Existing setup of Conditions, Symptom Areas, Diagnosis Areas, Resolution and Repair Stages
for reference only.

My point is if you or others can share … :slight_smile:

Well they are different for each business depending upon what the business wants. What industry are you applying it to? I find customers with this requirement already have these values for you.

IT Company.

Selling IT products and Service Company (Repair/Replace)

There is a wide product set to be all encompassing. You wont analyse and repair some elements I presume? The nature of the product and process define them.

So without knowing what you do specifically within the wide IT product set you could look at:
Conditions; Broken, Noisy, Hot, Error Codes i.e. 404, No Memory, No Sound, etc.
Symptom Areas; Fan, Hard Drive, Monitor, CPU. It is basically a breakdown of where the person believes the issue is as they log it, which depends upon the product.
Diagnosis Areas; Could be same as sympton, could be wider or a different category, depends how the engineer approaches it.
Resolution; Component replaced, Engineer adjustment, Customer adjustment, Unit replaced, User Error, etc.
Repair Stages; Logged, Open, Waiting for Customer, Assessment, Part Ordered, In Progress, Resolved, etc.

Ultimately it depends how the business sees the analysis, definition and progress of the repair.