Reort triggers


I’ve created a report with a message in each trigger (of the report, the request form…), it’s just to see the order of execution. The question is that only the OnInit trigger is executed with the request form, no trigger message appears when I close it, and I suppose it should appear at least the OnCloseForm and the OnQueryCloseForm. ¿?

Another two questions I have of reports…

  • what trigger should I use for the CALCFIELDS function?

  • in what trigger do I first have access to the values of the request form?

Thanks [:)]

Hi Galletin,

CALCFIELDS must be performed after the record, on wich You have fields to calculate, are retrieved from the database.
Use the OnAfterGetRecord-trigger for CALCFIELDS.


On Product-CD - Disk1, in the folder “Doc”, You will find a pdf-doc called: w1w1adg.pdf
That’s the Application Designers Guide, and in this You will find a Report- and a Dataport-flowchart.
In these You can see the order of the trigger-calls etc.