Reordering Policy

DO have any idea about Reordering policy field option Related to manufacturing system & to inventory system. The options are : Fixed Reorder Qty , Max Quantiy , order, Lot for lot I need some real examples about using each of this options. if you have other than assembling like food manufacturing … it will be great

Hi What do you mean by real examples - industry based? As an example the elecronic manufaturer I used to work at would use all 5 options (blank is an option) depending upon the item, finished goods, sub-assemblies and purchased items. It ultimately depends HOW you want to handle the reordering policy of that item. Depending upon the company and the circumstances all options could equally apply. I could give you a simple example of the sugessted reordering policy for a simply distribution item like a DVD and you will get arguments and suggestions to the contrary. Horses for courses.

Thank you steven really first. Really you are helping me. We are Food industry. We start from raw material going to finished goods going to packaging .Many types of Raw materials / Finished goods/ Packaging. We have Item tracking to be implemented .Some items are manufactured to stock … some items are manufactured depends on orders… May be the first two options are easy. but I am totaly confused of …order option … & lot for lot …I think it 's hard to get it examples about it . But After I have read that you have experience in implementation of manufacturing DVD and using of all the options …I would like to start as you suggest in your previous letter… I think it will be great for me… Then I will try to implement it on my cases… If i have any problem … I will display the scenario and we will discuss it. I am reading all the training courses and the Help. but as I am reading too much … sometimes I get confused …as well as I like to ask people who have experience more than me … thank you again.

Hi Jouhayna Always happy to help. In the food industry, depending upon what you are doing it maybe that core ingredients are manufactured on a fixed reorder policy, the finished goods could be manufactured on lot-for-lot or order, depending upon your ordering cycle and expiry time of the goods. The basic purchased parts again could be stocked, but maybe ordered to order, depending upon the shelf life and delivery lead time, not to mention your order window itself. I will post some more examples when I have Navision in front of me. Do not worry about asking questions - it is one of the main purposes of the fourm!