Reorder Qty report in AX 2012


I am looking for a report if the On-Hand quantity goes below the minimum quantity , how much need to replenish. ( we set up a coverage group )We want this to be based only on the On-hand not any other demand (Sales Order of Forecast). Any ideas in AX 2012

( Withoout running the master planning tool )

How about Critical On-hand Inventory Report?

I think critical on hand inventory reports displays the “minimum qty” and the Onhand quantity of the item. we may not be able to find out “how much quantity need to be replinished”. However, doing little customization in this report may be a good idea. Pulling the maximum quantity field on to the report from the same table will do the needful.

The first question is why they want to in essence run planning but explicitly not run planning - the alternative is the mentioned report.

You do seek the essence of running master plan without running master plan, this indicates you might want to consider multiple versions of your master plan with different set-up to accomplish your goal.