Reopening the Fiscal year in NAV 4.0

We are using NAV 4.0 , One of our user by mistake closed the accouning period 2008-09 . Can we reopen the accounting year and do the transactions for the same accounting year.

Kindly suggest!

You cannot reopen a year. However you can still post into a closed year anyway. The one thing you cannot do in a closed year is change the accounting periods.

Hope this helps


Thanks Mr. Andrew!

Can you please help us out and suggest how to do the transactions for the closed year.


whilst not recommended, there are possibilities to reopen a closed year. but you will require sitting with your accounts/auditors to confirm that this is legally correct. Once you have done this you can work with your Navision partner who will assist you.

But its not possible to do it as an enduser.

As Andrew mentioned - just post! No special actions needed.

Postings made into a closed year will have a mark in Ledger Entry-field “Prior-Year Entry” - and that’s is!

So - if your accountant says ok, then just post!

In Portuguese version of Dynamics NAV there is a report to reopen fiscal year, it will delete closing entries from G/L. I think it’s the only official report that will delete entries from G/L.

You could take a look to it.