Reopen Purchase Service Order to adjust received quantity

Hello all, I am new comer of this forum and new NAV user as well.

My company is using NAV 2009.

There are 2 kinds of Purchase Orders set up in system: Purchase material order (PO - all item set up to Material account) and Purchase Service order (SO - all item set up to Expense account).

I have a problem while posting receipt and invoice for SO. I will give example for detail.


SO-01: Total quantity: 100 units

Receiving & invoicing partial:

  • 1st: receive & invoice 10 units

  • 2nd: receive & invoice 15 units

  • 3rd: receive & invoice 5 units

The problem occured in 3rd receipt. I updated quantity in SR-inspection with quantity as 5 units but when I return to SO window to post receive, the NAV updated all un-received quantity to column “Qty to receive” and I posted receive for all. Then, I continued posting invoice with quantity as 5 units.

When I recognize the mistake, of course I cannot undo receipt for 3rd receiving. I did credit memo already but the received quantity did not change.


Since the value of this SO is quite large, it will take times to re-issue if I cancel and create new one. I am really in hurry now since we need to raise next SR-inspection for next receiving.

Thank you and hope to receive ur help