Reopen Purchase Order to reduce Received quantity!

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Please help me this case!

My purchase order has 100 units and I posted receipt for all quantity (100 units). However, I posted invoice for 70 units only. Can I reopen this purchase order and then reduce received quantity from 100 to 70?

Please help me and Thanks in advance!


Nobody helps me???

Please kindly help me!!!

I am being stucked in this case and cannot move on next step.

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Reopening of Purchase order will not help in this case as you already received entire quantity as well as it is not advisable.

What about Invoicing of remaining 30 Quantities ? Are they are not going to received physically in your location ?

The vendor wont issue any new invoices more for the pending 30 units since we decided to stop buying material from this vendor.

Actually, we need to revise this PO from 100 to 70 units. I tried to use credit memo but the recevied quantity was still 100 and we could close this PO

You can create Return Order for this posted receipt with 30 quantities with some remarks.

But ensure that those 30 quantities are not consumed or used by other department before creating return order.

Thanks for ur help, Amol.

After creating Return Purchase Order, will Received Quantity will be back to Qty To Receive, and then can I reopen to reduce Quantity?

I haven’t used Return Order then I dont know the result after using this function_