Renumbering of fields in a table

hi My client has added field in the series 99001900 in NF-2.60 in location and some other tables. Now we are upgarding it to NAvsion-360 where the above number series is not allowed for a developer. So we have to renumber all the fields and thier corresponding references. This is taking a lot of time and is cumbersome job. Has any one encountered such problems. Any ideas and views over it are welcome. Any other shorter methods to reduce my pain[:(!]? With Regards Harikesh

Not tried it but maybe you could export all objects to a textfile and do the Search-And-Destroy cough Search-And-Replace so to speak :slight_smile: Pretty high fieldnumbers so it should work… Dunno actually /LG

I don’t know a lot about version 2.6, but I know that if it was in 3.6, those kind of numbers would mean the objects have been developped by a Navision Partner. If it’s the case, a version of those objects for 3.6 probably exists. If not, you can change the Object (and field) numbers, you can:

  • Export all the objects in one or multiple text file
  • Edit the text files to find/replace the numbers with numbers that you can use (50000 to 9999)
  • Reimport the text files
  • Re-compile the modified objects
    Did you look if there is any information in the Upgrade toolkit ???

This can be solved by using the renumbering toolkit which I guess has field renumbering option too. If not open the text file in any text editor which can handle large files like editplus and do a manual find-replace. You can download it using the hyperlink below

This must be some add-on. You are not normally able to create these fields, also not i 2.60. At least that is the case for my 004 license… So the solution for upgrading must be to finde the same add-on for your new version, and follow the upgrading description for this…

Hello! I recognize field no. 99001900 in the Location table. This, if I am correct, is the ‘Address’ Field (Text 30) and the last field in the table should be: 99002585 - ‘Last Closed Period Ending Date’ Date. If this is the case, then this is a Navision Advanced Distribution database and should be upgraded differently to the way a ‘more standard’ Navision 2.60. I don’t remember the details, so I suggest that you contact the local MBS office for details, but I’m not sure if an upgrade path to post-2.60 solutions even exists at present. I would definitely not consider trying to upgrade it the ‘normal’ way, as most of the NAS functionality was introduced to and re-written in Attain. This would be a pretty hopeless exercise. For example, the Address field already exists in the Location table, but as field No. 5701 not 99001900. Similarly, many of the tables in NAS exist in Attain, but under different numbers, and considerably re-designed. I would clarify the situation MBS regarding the upgrade tools for NF2.60 NAS to Attain 3.60 and use these instead. Hope this is of help!

Hi Harikesh, I think you are making this more complex than it is. If your old license ran AD, then your new one should also. Navision do not remove permissions, they add them. SO even though you can not create the fields, it is no problem to modify them. Of course your problem is how to get the fields into the 3.60 objects, well that is simple also. Do the following.

  • Open the 2.60 database using a 2.60 client.
  • Create a new company called UPGRADE260
  • Go to the Location Table through object designer and insert one record.
  • Create a backup of that company. DO NOT BACKUP OBJECTS.
  • Open 3.60 and create a new database (FILE DATABASE NEW). DO NOT COPY OR IMPORT CRONUS.
  • Restore the UPGRADE260 company backup into the EMPTY database.
  • Now you can delete the company
  • Open table 14 int he object designer
  • Go to the field in the 99xxx range and add an x to the name
  • AddressxAddress
  • Delete all code and variables
  • repeat for all objects required.
  • Export the UPGRADE260 objects
  • Now open your 3.60 database, and import the 2.60 upgrade object
  • Merge these into your 3.60
  • Done.
    Good luck.

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You can download it using the hyperlink below