Renumbering Objects TOOL

hi evey one

i am new in NAv i have tables Nos is 50034,50035 but Client License is only for 33000941,3300942 how to it is any help me

did you try by renumbering to 33000941?


then what else you are expecting?

First off, anything in the 30 million object number range would be for a custom, resellable, add-on. You can’t just take any old object and save it to that object range.

Custom objects for customers must be between 50,000 and 99,999. If they are not licensed for those numbers they need to either 1) buy new objects for whatever type they are and assign those objects to a range (like 50034 - 50035), or if they already have unassigned objects they can just be given an object range in the license. Microsoft has to do this.