"Renumbering" journal templates/batch names?

w1w1gl.pdf, page 147: Tip Numbers have a special function in journal names. If a journal template name or journal batch name contains a number, the number automatically advances by one each time the journal is posted. For example, if HH1 is entered in the Name field, the journal name will change to HH2 after the journal named HH1 has been posted. I wonder what is this good for - does anyone use this feature? At a first glance it seems like an annoyance (one must care to not use numbers in journal names etc… I suppose inventors of this had something on their minds, I just cannot guess what that was… Karel II

The feature is useful in some circumstances but not all. For instance in some companies there maybe many users creating journals. Each user would be setup with a journal batch name of their initials/1. Then using the built in number increment feature, the system would automatically number the batch. In some installations this provides additional audit and traceability features especially in areas such as the registers and ledger entries. _________________________ Wendy O’Connor Practice Leader woconnor@csbsystems.com CSB Systems Calgary, Alberta T2R 1L9 T:(403) 233-2955 x 224 F:(403) 233-2957