Renaming the standard tables

hi all, i want to rename the standard tables,

for eg example i want to rename as ####_vendtable is it possible ???

i tried to do this, i got msg as,

The name of table ###_vendtable doesn’t match the name of the element in the lower layer. Ensure that the element’s name is the same as in the lower layer.

give me some suggestion,

thanx in advance.


I don’t think it’s a good practice to rename standard objects in AX, It’s technically possible by renaming objects in all lower layouts (as suggests the message you get)

AX identify its objects by Ids, if an id doesn’t match with name, it will causes problems, I’m a bit curious, why do you want to do such a thing?



Hi Arun,

I will echo concerns posted by Thomas. If you post your reasons for renaming standard objects, you may expect a more effective solution from here.

In any case, you cannot rename objects created in the lower layer. The above error indicates this fact.

Nope, you should not rename the standard tables.

Standard object + renaming in object’s lowest layer = renaming in SYS layer → impossible unless you work for Microsoft. :slight_smile: