Renaming Purchase orders


Please can you help? There is a requirement to rename the last four characters (ABCD) to ABC on completed purchase orders.


There is about 25.000 purchase orders to change, please can you advise on the best way to do this and can you also confirm what tables would need to changed?

thank you

You can do a right click on purchId and do a rename, but this would be painful for such an amount of records.

So get a developer to update them by using the renamePrimaryKey() method. But this will not update the inventory transactions referenceId. \Data Dictionary\Tables\InventTransOrigin\Fields\ReferenceId (this is not a foreign key, as it stores other references)

So this table has to be updated explicitly.

There was similar issue with transfer orders and got fixed. For reference look at,

\Data Dictionary\Tables\InventTransferTable\Methods\renamePrimaryKey