Renaming AIF XML Files Leaving or coming inot AX to other .extension?

We are installing MS Dynamics AX R2 2012 and want to know if renaming of XML files for AIF’s going into another system. Can this be done in AX? EG change .xml to .imax

You need a customization. Either modify the standard file system adapter, or create a new adapter inheriting from the file system adapter.

Hi Martin,

Not being very tecnical (I am a Project Manager ) I have been told my options are as follows

The four options are

  1. Build a transformation piece that sits alone and transforms the files coming and going between AX - Scale (the Manhattan Warehouse system)
  2. Implement MS Message Queue
  3. Have it transformed in Vantage Point
  4. Have Manhattan rename there interface files to .XML so they accept and send files between the two

All of these have costs.

I was hoping that a modification could be done in AX to recognise files that are XML but their .extensions will all be different as the extension is used by Scale to determeine the action for instance .IMAX equals Inventory Managamanet AX but the body of the file is an XML

Unfortunately we can’t avoid being technical, because it’s a purely technical problem.

It’s an interesting mix of suggestions - for example, implementing a message queue means getting rid of files completely and redesigning the solution to use a completely different communication mechanism. You can do that, but it makes no sense if you want to keep using files and merely change their names.

What I suggested is a modification in AX to achieve the goal, therefore I still think it answers your question. I’m not sure what else you want to hear.

Nevertheless I don’t think that AX cares about files names at all when reading files. Have you tried it? What kind of problem did you get? Are you sure it was caused by file names? Let your developers look at AifFileSystemReceiveAdapter class if they’re not sure how AIF file system adapter reads files.

By the way, don’t forget that doesn’t work with just any XML. If the file is generated by another system, it likely doesn’t match the format expected by AX and you’ll have to transform it (which is supported by AIF).