Renaming A Record In Code

Hi, In my app, customers are coded based on their customer type - FINance, RETail, COMmercial, so Customer No. is FIN, RET or COM plus an incrementing number. e.g. FIN-0030 When a user changes the customer type field in a record I need to change the primary key to reflect their new account no. Presently I have the following code in the Customer Type - OnValidate() event on the Customer table : IF (Rec.“Customer Type” <> xRec.“Customer Type”) THEN BEGIN // Procedure For Changing Contract Type // First Rename Account Record SalesSetup.GET; SalesSetup.TESTFIELD(“Finance Customer Nos.”); NewAccountNo := NoSeriesMgt.GetNextNo(SalesSetup.“Finance Customer Nos.”, 0D, TRUE); NewRecordVar.RESET; NewRecordVar.GET(Rec.“No.”); NavResult := NewRecordVar.RENAME(NewAccountNo); END; This renames the record ok, but I need the screen to refresh properly and automatically move to the newly recoded record. Any help appreciated, including any alternative (better) methods of doing this. Jonathan

Hi Jonathan I think that you can add something like this to your code to get the recoded record. IF NavResult then begin Rec := NewRecordVar; Currform.Update(False); END;