Renaming a Global Dimension

Hi: We have a site where “Global Dimension 1” was named “LOCATION” (this is the one that is normally named “Department”). This is causing confusion between this dimension and the Inventory “Location Code” field. I want to rename the Global Dimension from “LOCATION” to “DIVISION” but when you try to do it, you receive an error message that states “This dimension is used in posted or budget entries. You cannot rename it”. The code that is executed goes through all the document dimension tables, e.g. ledger entry demension, jnl line dimension, document dimension, etc. and checks for any entries and displays this error if any entries exist with the value you are trying to rename. I understand that the normal “embedded” rename logic (like the logic that is run when you rename a customer number) can’t work on dimensions because there’s no way to go through the object table to determine where the value needs to be changed. Has anyone heard of any sort of utility that will allow dimension value changes? Thx Ron

Look in 3.60. There it’s possible to rename dimensions

Can you just change the Caption functions in Codeunit 1? Not necessarily the ideal solution, but in theory, the captions for all dimensions go through this codeunit. Chris.